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Im Erzgebirge verwurzelt

Deep in the Ore Mountains in the heart of the toy village Seiffen is the Reifendrehwerk  Werner located, which has set itself the task of preserving the old and extraordinary craftsmanship of turning tires.

Christian Werner has been a tire lathe operator for over 40 years. The love for woodworking arose early in his childhood. Influenced by his father Walter K. Werner, who himself ran a wood art business, he learned the trade of wooden toy maker. But it wasn't just turning or carving that aroused his interest - it was above all the turning of tires. After years of training with master tire lathe operator Paul Preißler and personal development, Christian Werner founded the Werner Reifentiere Manufactory in 1985, which has been run as a family business ever since. Christian Werner's son Andreas will continue to run the business in the second generation. Both Christian and Andreas Werner hold a master craftsman's title. The manufactory is run as a master company.


In the lovingly and authentically furnished workshop, tire animals are created on a wooden lathe, just like hundreds of years ago. In several steps, a wide variety of animals and figures come to life from a slice of spruce wood. Starting with the design of the samples, the logging on the steep northern slopes of the Austrian Alps, the turning, carving and painting to the packaging and shipping of the finished goods, all work is carried out in-house with the help of a 6-person team.


All hand-drawn patterns, which form the basis for every shape, are created at Christian Werner's desk. The construction of the pyramid chandelier was also designed by the toy maker himself.



The tire animals from Seiffen are now being sent all over the world. However, visiting the small shop in the factory in Seiffen remains to be the best shopping experience.


Hinweis: es handelt sich hierbei um ein 360° - Video. Während das Video läuft, können Sie sich umsehen.

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